Sunday, August 26, 2007

Paula Deen Live

Yesterday I went with a friend to see Paula Deen's Live Show. It was fun to see Paula in person but overall the show was disappointing. Most of the show was an infomercial for the many products Paula is selling. Paula's husband Michael was on stage as was her son Bobby. Apparently, Michael is now going to be selling his own brand of coffee. I will say that Michael was much thinner than in previous television appearances-Paula commented he had lost 40 lbs. He didn't say much during the show. Most of the show was just Paula talking about nothing in particular or her son or assitance's tauting how wonderful she was. The show had no direction or point really. There was a cooking demo at the end but Paula really didn't do much of the cooking and only 8 people who had seats on stage were given food. After, Paula was not available for autographs. I tried to take a picture but the lighting was not good so I don't have any to post.

Last week was super busy for us, as is next week so I haven't had anything exciting cooking wise to post on the blog. I may cook dinner today or tomorrow, if not I will be back to posting next weekend.

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