Monday, February 11, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

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Thank you for tagging me Kayte! Here are my five facts:

1. I have a massive cookbook collection. I can't seem to stop finding another cookbook that needs to come home with me. I really do use them though. I love to peruse through them on a rainy day or just have them to inspire me when I need a menu for entertaining. I hope to soon find a perfect storage solution for them because I have already outgrown two cabinets! I still have and remember the first cookbook I ever bought in college, the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cookbook. My favorite cookbook in my collection is the Pasty Queen by Rebecca Rather.

2. I love the beach. I don't currently live near the ocean. I was born in Florida and I believe I was meant to live near the ocean and have become misplaced! If I were given the opportunity to leave near the beach I would jump on it. I secretly dream of moving to St. John in the U.S.V.I. I could open a small cafe that just serves lunch and spend the rest of my days enjoying the island.

3. I am a huge U2 fan. I have been to ever concert since 1993. The last time they came to town for the Elevation Tour we could not get tickets. The day of the concert we managed to find a ticket broker who had one last pair of tickets. They were quite expensive floor seats which would be standing room only first come first serve. We were happy enough to get tickets so we didn't care if we wouldn't have the best view. When we got to the stadium they scanned our tickets and it turns out we were in the inner circle directly in front of the stage. We were so stunned, considering an hour before the concert we didn't even have a ticket. I don't think the employee who scanned us thought we were excited enough about it, but honestly we were stunned speechless. The concert was such an amazing show and to be so close was really exciting. I'm afraid we have been spoiled now!

4. I cannot sew. I was traumatized by my attempts to learn to sew in a middle school home economics class and have never had the desire to try again. Everytime I touched the sewing machine it jammed and the teacher was unusually hard on my project considering it was a first try. I shamefully admit I pay to have buttons sewn back on.

5. I love daffodils. Although, I also love black magic roses which we used at our wedding. However, there is something about those little daffodils when they begin to pop out of the ground. It always makes me giddy and excited about spring. Someday, I will make the October cut off and plant some in my own yard.

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