Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yoplait Delights Product Review

I was offered the opportunity to review Yoplait's new line of yogurt, Yoplait Delights Parfaits. In full disclosure, in exchange for my participation in the review, we were given the HD Mino Flip video camera. We were asked to use the video camera in our review of the product. I think you will find my review of this product honest and truthful and of the quality you would expect from this blog. I would never accept review of a product if I was not allowed to be honest and truthful about it in my review.

In completion of our review, we sampled the chocolate raspberry and lemon torte varieties of this yogurt. Each package contains 4 4-0z cups. Each cup is 100 calories. The Yoplait Delights are made with lowfat yogurt, have 1% milkfat, vitamins A&D added, and contain live and active cultures.

If you have been a long time reader of this blog, you will probably notice the recipes featured in this blog strive to use only natural products and generally lean toward organic when possible. We do not buy products containing artificial flavors or sweeteners. In reviewing this yogurt, I was torn about how to do the review, since it contains artificial flavors and is artificially sweetened with sucrolose. Had I been aware of this prior to accepting this review, I would not have agreed to do the review due to my bias against these ingredients.

My husband sampled both flavors and said that he liked the yogurt and thought it was good for a snack. He did not find the sucralose to be as obvious as some other artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. I liked the creativity of the flavor combinations combined with the fact that it was a 100 calorie product. The lemon torte flavor has a beautiful layer of cream on top reminiscent of lemon meringue pie. The chocolate raspberry reminded me more of a pudding than yogurt. I however, was disappointed they could not find a way to create a product like this without the artificial flavors. I found both varieties of this yogurt to have an overly sweet aftertaste indicative of an artificially sweetened product but agree with my husband it did not have the same chemical after taste as those products sweetened with asparatame. Also, as I understand sucralose is the main ingredient in Splenda. I think if you are looking for a low calorie product and don't mind artificial sweeteners you will likely enjoy this product. I often buy one of my favorite organic yogurts which has chocolate on the bottom and I have to say this product just did not compare for me. I cannot personally recommend this product due to the addition of the artificial ingredients. I do, appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback on this product and hope to provide more reviews in the future.

I absolutely love the new HD video flip. Its so convenient to just toss in a purse or back pack. I'm excited that now I will always have a video camera handy to capture those treasured moments. The simplicity of use also cannot be beat. The instruction manual was one small sheet. Perfect for someone like me who would never read a long and complicated instruction manual. I apologize in advance for our bland video. This explains why my husband and I are not in advertising or other fields requiring entertainment production! Our best videos include our toddler but we were not comfortable putting that out on the web.

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