Monday, September 15, 2008

We miss you Allie

Today marks the one year anniversary since the passing of the very best dog I have ever had. We rescued Allie (Alice Gertrude) from a local basset hound rescue and enjoyed four wonderful years with her. Allie was a healthy active dog when she was suddenly stricken with canine meningitis. Allie died approximately one and a half weeks after the onset of symptoms. It was a devastating blow. I think a piece of my heart will always be missing. I wrote the following the day Allie died:

Sure all houses have their nosies, but there are some "noises" that bring a house to life in an indescribable way. Its the gentle cry urging all to get up and play-even if its only 5:30 a.m. The exciting thumping of a tail against the crate-heard well before my footsteps reached the laundry room door. The sounds that accompany a race to the back door-tags happily jingling all the way. The persistence of the tapping at the back door just waiting to greet your family again. The thud of fifty-pounds of love hitting the bed. The buzzing of a content friend sleeping/snoring the day away from whatever would be the most comfortable spot in the house and nearest to keep a watch on the family. The pitter patter of the paws always following, always near. The impatient groan accompanied by the infamous Allie pout. The tapping of a nose against my hand asking for just a little more petting and ear rubbing. The flapping of those long beautiful brown velvet ears. The cacophonous echo of your dish being tossed to and fro. The sounds of anxious excitement as dinner neared-even it was only 3:00 p.m. and you knew dinner wasn't until 5:00 p.m.-nothing wrong with asking! The loud, deep welcoming bark heard well before I could enter the laundry room upon a return home. The mischievous sound of a basset on the run with a prohibited item-such as a stuffed animal or other item to irresistible to leave behind. The "silence" of a basset who had decided to sit quietly and nap on the couch just as the other members of her family did. The tapping of a leash which brought on such excitement, shaking, squeals and cries of a basset ready to "smell" the neighborhood. The quiet lull of a basset lounging in the living room listening to Etta James. The sound of the race for the media room couch, the booming of those paws bounding up and down the stairs full speed ahead. The barking that sounded like a German Shepard but was all bark and no bite. The grunting and groaning that accompanied a good carpet roll. The soulful stare of those big beautiful brown eyes at every turn. The gentle sound of trotting off to bed at 10:00 on the dot. Goodnight my Alice Gertrude. . . We love you.


Katie said...

I'm so sorry that today is a sad day for you but happy for you that you had 4 good years with Allie.

Margie said...

God, that made me cry! I'm such a softy when it comes to dogs.