Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cinnamon Apple Muffins

I made this Cooking Light recipe after seeing it on Sensible Suppers and Decadent Desserts. My husband thought these muffins were absolutely delicious. I'm not sure how many he ate last night, but I do know a significant number of them were gone this morning. I also saw him grabbing one on the way out the door today! I chose this recipe in large part because I had leftover buttermilk from Ina's Chocolate Cake and leftover ricotta from the Beef and Cheese Manicotti. The muffins were very light and fluffy and had a great apple/cinnamon flavor. The inside reminded me of an apple turnover with all the bite size pieces of apples. An added bonus, the house smelled wonderful while they were cooking!


Sarah said...

Aren't they wonderful! It looks like you remember to put the topping on. Did it make them nice and crispy?

BMK said...

Thanks for the recipe Sarah. The cinnamon sugar did add a nice crispy topping.